My story and my company

Ice Jack


My name is Jack and I want to share with you my story in a few words!

This is My story

When I started

I am 27 years old and at the age of 20 I started to work with TV channels !!!

Birth of

I worked for 5 years as a reseller and after I got the experience I wanted to start a company where I can apply all my ideas. So 2 years ago we gave birth to and I was able to implement all the ideas and I'm open to your ideas.

What offers:

I've been focusing on delivering the best possible quality to all channels, and to make sure that my servers are in my house at my house and are supervised 24/7. Servers are my bread and I can not afford to offer you quality.

What offers:

We made special packages for each country. I offer all my channels only as the first channels in the list are for that country. I can also make custom packages for a certain amount of money. It's much better to have your channels in the first part of the list.

Last part:

We provide 24/7 support for customers and future customers. The support is provided by mail, skype whatsapp and telephone conversation. The language used for support is English, Italian and Romanian. Delivering orders I'm trying to process it in no time. Delivery time is estimated between 5 minutes and 3 hours. If in 24 hours you are not happy with my service you will receive money back. And what I would like to be a customer to be offers and prizes from where I buy something, therefore, depending on the time and the idea I will offer you offers and gifts for my clients, I will organize the prize raffle. I want to look after you and respect you. I live from you. Try my service for a free 48h. Contact with confidence.